General Ophthalmology

We are a complete eye care practice, which means that we offer general ophthalmology procedures as well as laser eye surgery. Our doctors have been trained to offer high-quality care for adult and pediatric vision problems as well as sight-threatening eye diseases. We also use the most advanced techniques to make your treatment safer and more effective.

Routine Eye Exams

General Ophthalmology | Dry Eye Treatment | Encino CA | West Hills CAOur office is equipped with the latest technology in diagnostic and examination equipment. This allows us to provide our patients with the most thorough, comprehensive eye examinations available.

We thoroughly check the internal and external health of your eyes including tests for cataracts and glaucoma. Our doctors also check for the presence of corneal disorders and will examine the retina to ensure proper health and continued good vision.

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Dry Eye

Tears serve to lubricate the eye and are produced around the clock, but when insufficient moisture is produced stinging, burning, scratchiness and other symptoms are experienced and may be referred to as Dry Eye, Keratitis Sicca, Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS) or Xerophthalmia.

About 10 million Americans suffer from dry eye syndrome. Most of these cases result from normal aging of the glands in the eye, but dry eye can occur at any age. People suffering from allergies and those wearing contact lenses have greater risk of developing dry eye.

Dry eye cannot be cured, but your eyes' sensitivity can be lessened and measures taken so your eyes remain healthy. The most frequent method of treatment is the use of artificial tears or tear substitutes. For more severe dry eye, ointment can be used, typically at bedtime. In some cases, small plugs may be inserted in the corner of the eyelids to slow drainage and loss of tears.

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